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Responsible Adoption Certificates

Reproduced with kind permission of SPCA Singapore.

Choose the dog right for you

Responsible Adoption Charter

Our qualified dog trainers & canine behaviourists partner with rescue shelters and animal charities. This network will assist you in finding the most suitable dog for your circumstances, and also provide an invaluable post-adoption support service.

Let your local Rescue Shelter / Animal Fostering Charity know that you are well informed, and know exactly what is involved in providing a deserving dog with a Forever Home. Our pre-adoption webinars (link to next webinar) are hosted by experienced qualified Dog Trainers / Canine Behaviourists. They will take you through the basic steps in assessing just what type of dog is best suited to your home, and also provide useful tips to make the best decision. Please also read the supporting ‘Pre-Adoption’ literature.

On completion of the required reading, return of the questionnaire and webinar attendance / discussion with your professional advisor on-line or at a DogTalk event, you will be issued with a Responsible Adoption Charter digital certificate which is recognised by all our Rescue Shelter Partners. This information which includes your contact details and preferred pet characteristics. The certificate will also be shared with our partner Rescue Shelter managers & Pet Adoption agencies. All of this will assist in finding your perfect match, and assuring the best forever home transition.


Being a responsible adoption candidate...

"I am a Responsible Dog Adoption Candidate, and I confirm that I have...


  • Studied the Responsible Ownership Course,

  •   Pledged to adopt a dog from a rescue shelter (no on-line or puppy farm purchase),

  • Carefully researched the chosen breed / mixed breed / size and understand the needs of this type of dog.

  • Given serious consideration to how the dog will fit into my life,

  • Calculated all the resources, time requirements & financial costs involved in providing a home for my chosen pet (resource material attached).

  • Understood the need for post adoption back-up training sessions,

  • Committed to engaging with a a participating dog trainer should any post-adoption behaviour arise. 

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