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“A much needed platform for                          o" A much needed platform for our industry." 

                                                                     Tara Power CBTT /



Join Qualified & Accredited Dog trainers /Behaviourists on a unique online training instruction platform. We provide the marketing, the technology and the additional income. You provide the professionalism, the care, the experience and desire to help dog owners.


Why work with Dog Internet of Things?




An increasing number of dog owners sign up at Dog Internet Of Things (the company) every day looking for an instructor to help with their dog’s behaviour challenges. While everyone wants one of “man's best friends”, few owners have the time, patience or knowledge to train their own pet. This platform is perfect to address both the time & knowledge shortages.




You can make the Dog Internet of Things as your major source of income ("full time") or as a supplement to your current work. You can choose how many dog owners you want to work with, and you are in full control in selecting each potential client.

Since all of the work at Dog Internet Of Things is by agreed appointment only, you are free to choose the times that would be best for you. This can be mornings, evenings, nights or all day. Your focus would be 100% training instruction. You do not need to worry about acquiring clients, billing, support or operations.



Partnership with Rescue Shelters

Almost every qualified dog trainer has years of experience volunteering with a rescue shelter(s). However, as the dog training industry is unregulated, there is no formal link between trainers & rescue shelters. Therefore the standard of care and quality of back-up service varies from one shelter to the next.


Every year shelter managers, staff and volunteers loose hundreds of hours dealing with behaviour queries, and also talking to visitors unsure of the dog breed or type best suited to the prospective owner’s circumstances. This is a lot of work which can be passed on to qualified trainers via this platform. We will shortly be announcing partnerships with several Rescue Shelters and animal charities.



  • Have a recognised Dog Training Instructor / Canine Behaviour qualification from a University or recognised Educational institute.

  • Be in good standing with at least one recognised accreditation body (APDT, APBC, CCAB IMDT, or similar credentials).

  • Have up to date professional indemnity insurance.

  • Have not less than three years work experience (2,000 hours of hands-on experience).

  • Have a connection as a former volunteer / staff member of a rescue shelter or animal charity.

  • Experience in providing one-to-one training instruction.

  • Excellent writing and communication skills.

  • Reliable internet connection.

  • Be available up to 5-hours per- week (15 x 20-minute video training sessions). There is no upper limit.

How do I start?

Just send an e-mail to and we will be in contact shortly.

Note: Dog Trainers & Canine Behaviourists are not Dog Internet Of Things employees but independent providers.

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