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Happy Customers


Our dog Alphie had a serious issue with car anxiety and was difficult around any traffic in general. We received good advice on this specific issue, got a better understanding of the causes and reasons why he behaved like this. Alphie is making progress and now we can take him with us on road trips. A highly recommended service.

Nadine Coady

We had an issue with barking, especially at night. Roxy would bark all night. We got to a point where we were seriously wondering if we were able to keep this dog. Keep in mind other people live in the apartment block, and having no sleep for a year is no fun for anybody. The biggest insight I got is that it is quiet easy to train a dog if you take the time and get professional advice. After just two months life for Roxy has got so much easier … our relationship with Roxy is much calmer, we sleep at least eight nights out of ten …. Its like we have a different dog now.

Anne McDonald

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